State Policy Reform

States and localities have enormous opportunities to move away from excessive standardized testing towards systems of accountability that are educationally beneficial to students, give teachers real information about student skill and content mastery, and that help schools and districts better align practice with student academic and social growth.  See how FairTest works with stakeholders to further state and local policy to achieve these goals.

FairTest’s recommendations for Statewide Assessment Reform can be found HERE.

State Policy Reform

Why we are here

FairTest provides expertise, information, support and network access to students, parents, teachers, administrators and policymakers seeking to minimize the harmful impacts of standardized testing and develop and promote more educationally beneficial and equitable assessments.

Our Recommendations for Statewide Assessment Reform can be found HERE

Model Legislation

FairTest has partnered with the NEA to develop model legislation and regulations to limit testing beyond federal requirements, mitigate the harm from testing and support educationally beneficial, valid and reliable assessments.

Opting Out

Under ESSA, states can allow parents to opt-out their students from federally mandated testing and several states have passed such opt out provisions. See how FairTest supports parents organizing and exercising their opt-out rights.

Assessment Reform Network

FairTest has developed networks of grassroots activists across the country over the past decade fighting against excessive standardized testing and for. Find allies in your state and region, and people nationally with parallel experiences.

Students with Disabilities

Standardized testing has particularly negative impacts on students with disabilities. Find out about particular issues faced by these students and what can be done to meet those needs.