Test Added to OH Licensing Requirements

Teacher & Employment Testing

Beginning in Spring 2002, teachers in Ohio will be required to pass the Praxis III performance test in order to move from an entry-level license to a professional one. The state is the first in the nation to require the new Educational Testing Service (ETS) exam.


As the name implies, Praxis III is the third in a series of assessments introduced by ETS over the last decade (see Examiner, Spring 1993). Praxis I is a multiple-choice, “basic skills” test which students often must pass to enter or graduate from teacher education schools. Praxis II included subject area exams required by more than half the states before a provisional license is granted.


Years in development, Praxis III is set up so professional evaluators assess a candidate’s classroom work and lesson plans using criteria such as “organizing content knowledge for student learning,” “creating an environment for student learning,” and “teacher professionalism.” Ohio expects to spend more than $20 million preparing and administering the test to 6000 beginning teachers each year.


The Praxis series replaces ETS’ National Teachers Exam (NTE), which was widely criticized as unfair to minority applicants and irrelevant to performance (see Examiner Fall 1988 and Winter 1989). Though independent data on the impact of the new assessments is not yet available, more states are expected to follow Ohio by adding Praxis III to their licensing requirements.