Welcome from FairTest Board Member Deborah Meier

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FairTest Examiner, July 2009

I  was deeply honored to have received FairTest's first “Heroes of Education” award given in my name. I remain very grateful for the outpouring of support and attendance at the June 4 award ceremony. It was especially meaningful to me to have FairTest sponsor the award. The organization is near and dear to me and to all I have worked for over the years.

Thank you to all who came or made donations. We need to continue this momentum and keep working to ensure FairTest's financial well-being.

For many years, I've been pointing out that FairTest is a David against the Goliaths of the testing industry. But, in fact, this Goliath is even larger than the Biblical giant. Far too many newspaper editorial boards, corporation heads and politicians have bought into the idea that subordinating schooling to centrally administered standardized tests will produce good results. We know it does not. FairTest is at the head of the fight against that wrong-headed idea. But it needs to keep the slingshot full of stones!

So I hope you will continue to assist FairTest, as I will. Please click on the donate button
to use your credit card, or mail them a check. Your support will be used well by this highly effective organization:

  • FairTest is the leading organization promoting test-score optional college admissions, and now more than 820 colleges are test-optional for some or all of their applicants.
  • FairTest co-sponsored a highly successful conference in Washington in June that brought together 150 educators and activists from around the nation.
  • FairTest has worked with education and civil rights groups in forcing state authorities to retreat from planned high-stakes graduation tests.
  • FairTest chairs the Forum on Educational Accountability, a national alliance that has just released its blueprint to overhaul the federal "No Child Left Behind" law.
  • And FairTest continues its remarkable presence in the national media as the leading voice for reasonable assessment practices.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Sincerely yours,

Deborah Meier