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FairTest Examiner, October 2012

This is a time of great ferment over the role of testing in education. On one side, the Common Core multi-state tests push toward ever more testing. Many states have agreed to No Child Left Behind waivers that require states to judge teachers and principals by student scores. At the same time, an upsurge of resistance to over-testing and high-stakes misuses is sweeping the country. The resistance includes resolutions, petitions, public letters, and test boycotts. It is fueled by mounting evidence that the promises of high-stakes testing – improved learning and greater equity – have failed.

Meanwhile, a growing number of colleges successfully employ test score-optional admissions policies. The New York Performance Standards Consortium relies on performance assessments to evaluate student readiness for high school graduation. These examples show that decisions can be made fairly, accurately and with superior results for academic quality and social equality when the role of testing is diminished or eliminated.

FairTest is active on all these issues. We lead national, state and local alliances, collaborate with high school counselors and college admission officers, and effectively use the media to spread the testing reform agenda.

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