Sample Letter to friends and colleagues on the National Resolution

Dear [your friend/colleague],

I'm writing to ask you to help curb the pervasive high-stakes testing that is damaging our children's education. Please join me in endorsing the National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing. (I attach a copy of it.)  

High-Stakes Testing Resistance Spreads Across Nation

for further information:
Dr. Monty Neill  (617) 477-9792
Bob Schaeffer     (239) 395-6773


for immediate release, Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Testing Reform in the News -- June 8 - 12, 2012

There has been no let up in grassroots pressure to overhaul assessment even as the school year winds to a close around the nation.

Florida Exam-Scoring Fiasco Reveals Flaws of Test-Driven Schooling

National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing - Sign Now!

FairTest, 12 other organizations, and prominent individuals have drafted the following a national Resolution on High-Stakes Testing. We call organizations and individuals to endorse it. We also encourage people to write letters and get organizations to endorse it; here are some tools you can use.

FairTest's Op Ed in The Atlanta Journal Constitution: When put to a test, testing culture flunks

By Robert Schaeffer

Across the U.S., the politically mandated misuse of standardized tests is damaging public schools and the children they serve. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s investigation of suspicious test scores around the nation is just the latest example. Experts may debate the methodology, but there is no question that cheating on standardized exams is widespread. In just the past three academic years, FairTest has documented confirmed cases of test score manipulation in 33 states plus the District of Columbia.


FairTest to Honor Diane Ravitch with the Deborah W. Meier Hero in Education Award

Date and Time: Tuesday, 5 June, 6:00-830 p.m.

Place: Julia Richman Educational Complex, 317 East 67th St., New York City

NCLB’s Lost Decade Report


NCLB’s Lost Decade for Educational Progress:
What Can We Learn from this Policy Failure?

By Lisa Guisbond with Monty Neill and Bob Schaeffer
January 2012

The federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law failed badly in terms of its own goals, leading to a decade of educational stagnation, according to FairTest’s report marking NCLB’s tenth anniversary.

Among the report’s major findings:

Summary and Critique of Key Provisions in Harkin-Enzi ESEA/NCLB Reauthorization Bill of October 2011

Summary and Critique of Key Provisions in Harkin-Enzi ESEA/NCLB
Reauthorization Bill of October 2011

FairTest review, analysis – summary and critique notes, October 16, 2011

What to say when you call your senator about NCLB

When you call your Senator to ask him to help overhaul NCLB, here are five suggested talking points, which you can deliver in 2-3 minutes:

FairTest Key Recommendations to the Senate, October 16, 2011

FairTest key recommendations to the Senate, October 16, 2011:

Here are FairTest’s key points that should be part of a Senate bill. We rely in part on the recommendations of the Forum on Educational Accountability (FEA). We specifically respond to some of the points in the Harkin-Enzi bill to reauthorize NCLB/ESEA.

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