Efforts to Overhaul NCLB

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Other efforts to overhaul or overthrow NCLB include a grassroots petition from a group called the Educator Roundtable; efforts by Wyoming educators; a renewed legal effort by the National Education Association; and a compilation of teachers' views on NCLB, also from the NEA.
  • The newly-formed Educator Roundtable has initiated a petition calling for the "dismantling" of NCLB. The petition, which had garnered 22,578 signatures as of early January, states: "We, the educators, parents, and concerned citizens whose names appear below, reject the misnamed No Child Left Behind Act and call for legislators to vote against its reauthorization. We do so not because we resist accountability, but because the law's simplistic approach to education reform wastes student potential, undermines public education, and threatens the future of our democracy." To read or sign the petition, go to http://www.educatorroundtable.org/
  • In response to a request from the Wyoming superintendent of instruction, the Wyoming Education Association (WEA) has released a report calling for changes to NCLB. Chief among their concerns is the law's failure to accommodate students with special needs and those who don't speak English. WEA President Kathryn Valido said: "We need to show growth for those students," and be accountable. "But we need to be flexible in how we do that." In anticipation of the law's reauthorization, Wyoming Superintendent of Instruction Jim McBride had asked the WEA to list problems with the law. He intends to meet with Republican Sen. Mike Enzi, now the ranking minority member of the Senate's Education and Labor Committee, about Wyoming educators' concerns.
  • The National Education Association, on behalf of its 2.7 million members, asked a federal appeals court in late November to revive its lawsuit against NCLB. The NEA, 10 local affiliates and school districts in Michigan, Vermont and Texas said the government is imposing unfunded mandates even though the act itself prohibits unfunded mandates. The suit had been dismissed in November 2005 by a U.S. circuit court.
  • Voices from the Classroom contains hundreds of observations and stories about NCLB from National Education Association members. For a copy of the 226-page report or to watch short videos of teachers discussing the law, go to http://www.nea.org/esea/nclbstories/index.html . The 'achives' links enables viewers to see individual stories grouped by state.