Seven Ways to Work to Overhaul the Federal Education Law (ESEA/NCLB)

Below is a list of ways you can work towards overhauling the federal law. For a few items, we have links for more detailed info. In the near future, we will provide additional links - things like how to organize a forum (#1).

  1. Hold a public forum in your community to discuss NCLB.

  2. Persuade your organizations to pass resolutions calling for reform of NCLB:

    • Endorse the Joint Organizational Statement on NCLB

    • Collect signatures on the Petition to Reform NCLB

    • Publicize your results in the local media and send copies of resolutions and petitions to your local and federal elected officials.

  3. Write letters-to-the-editor and op-ed pieces for your local and regional newspapers.

  4. Get your local school board to pass a resolution or hold a community forum about NCLB.

  5. Contact your U.S. senators and representatives about changing NCLB: Call them, write or email them (send clips and information), and set up meetings with them in your district (bring a group).

  6. Contact your state legislators to enlist them in the effort to reform NCLB; get state legislatures to pass resolutions.

  7. Parents: Join the NCLB-mandated Parents Advisory Board at your child's school.

This is not at all an exhaustive list of things to do - the recent actions of students in opposition to the proposed immigration laws show us again that a wide range of activity can be used in powerful ways -- but it could be used to get people thinking, especially people not used to taking action.