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How High-Stakes Testing Feeds the School-to-Prison Pipeline Infographic


8 Ways To Fight High-Stakes Testing Infographic


How You Can Work for Testing Reform

1.Talk to others about test misuse. Break the silence by talking with other parents, teachers, neighbors and friendsone on one, in small groups, or at house parties.Share the facts about test overuse and misuse.
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What's Wrong with Standardized Tests Infographic


What's Wrong With Standardized Tests?

Are standardized tests fair and helpful evaluation tools?

Not really. On standardized exams, all test takers answer the same questions under the same conditions, usually in multiple-choice format. Such tests reward quick answers to superficial questions. They do not measure the ability to think deeply or creatively in any field. Their use encourages a narrowed curriculum, outdated methods of instruction, and harmful practices such as grade retention and tracking.

Are standardized tests objective?

FairTest responds to the Administration's dangerous "flexibility" proposals to change NCLB.

In "From the Frying Pan to the Fire While Adding Gasoline," FairTest
responds to the Administration's dangerous "flexibility" proposals to
change NCLB.

Fact Sheet: "Tests, Cheating and Educational Corruption"

Racial Justice and Standardized Educational Testing

Fact Sheet: A Better Way to Evaluate Schools (PDF)

“A Better Way to Evaluate Schools” outlines a 3-part school evaluation system – school quality reviews, limited standardized testing, plus school-based and local evidence.

NCLB and Assessing Bilingual Students

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