Admissions Quotes

Here is what officials at colleges and universities nationwide have to say about the SAT and ACT:


"Schools that use the SAT are throwing away a third of their talent."
- William Hiss, Dean of Enrollment at Bates College


"The negative impact of the SATs falls disproportionately on African Americans and Latinos. If you care about things like diversity in your student body, the SAT can be an impediment."
- Christopher Hooker-Haring, Dean of Admissions at
Muhlenberg College


"We know far more about our students by their total application than we do from their tests. We prefer using the whole picture."
- Michael Murphy, Dean of Admissions and
Financial Aid at Antioch College


"Our applications are up 35 percent since the requirement was dropped, and the proportion of entering freshman who graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class has risen to 50 percent from 25 percent."
- Robert Massa, Vice President for Enrollment, Student Life,
and College Relations at Dickinson College


"The coaching industry, which supports the SAT and other admissions tests, casts a shadow over the tests by its very existence. Coaching provides pupils who can buy tutoring with a distinct advantage over other students."
- Irvin Reid, President of Wayne State University


"The SAT I aptitude test has outlived its usefulness as a prime predictor of college success because it has become such a national icon and obsession. The SAT I often rewards test-taking ability more than the ability to do college work. "
- Shirley Strum Kenny, President of SUNY Stony Brook

"While this test has some ability to predict student performance in the first year of college, it falls far short of predicting overall academic or career success and a host of other aptitudes that educators and society value, such as intellectual curiosity, motivation, persistence, leadership, creativity, civic engagement and social conscience."
- Joanne Creighton, President of Mount Holyoke College