Assessment Reform News: January 2023

As legislatures convene for their 2023 sessions, many states will be considering proposals to roll back high-stakes standardized exam misuses and advance better forms of assessment.  If you support testing reform, now is the time to weigh-in with your elected representatives and news media.

Only Eight States Require Grad. Test Passage for 2023 High School Diplomas

Stop Over-Testing and Under-Funding Public Schools

State’s Education System Is Vastly Under-performing According to NAEP

New Education Dashboard Shows Multiple Measures of Student Performance, Not Just Exam Scores

Families Explore Alternatives to State Testing System

New York 
Commission Mulls Future of State’s High School Graduation Testing Requirement

 Friends of Public Education Supports End to Holding Kids Back Due to Reading Test Scores
Ohio Tests Are Incomplete, Unreliable Metric to Measure Effectiveness of Urban Schools

Parents Seek Overhaul of Third Grade Test Retention Law
Tennessee Third Grade Reading Promotion Law is Misguided

Testing and Accountability System Overhaul Among Key Issues for Upcoming Legislative Session

Major China’s Test-Prep Firm Re-positions After Govt. Crackdown on For-Profit Tutoring

University Admissions 
What Going ACT/SAT-Optional Means for High School Students 
University Admissions U.S. News Tweaks Ranking Formula in Effort to Quell Law School Drop-Out Revolt

Worth Reading Pandemic-Era Exam Score Shifts May Increase Inequality in Test-Based Gifted Program Selection