Assessment Reform News: November 2022

FairTest regrets to announce the death of George Rosenfeld, a long-term member of the organization’s Board of Directions. In addition to his effective work with FairTest, George was a much-honored leader of Odyssey House, the New York City addiction recovery organization, where he had been elected Board Chairman. George also served on the boards of the Village Center for Care and Little Red School House/Elizabeth Irwin High School. For many years, George taught history as part of the Bard Prison Initiative and was a popular writing instructor at the Urban Academy, a public high school at the forefront of the performance assessment movement. His sharp questions and clear insight will be deeply missed. 

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National Misplaced Focus on NAEP Fuels Test-Score Hysteria

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Indiana State Plans Significant Reduction in Number of Student Learning Standards

Kansas Social Worker Licensing Exam Under Review Due to Disparate Racial Impact

 What Should School Accountability Be About?

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Regents Debate Ditching High School Graduation Tests

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Oklahoma Teacher Shortage and Low Educator Pay Linked to Test Score Decline

New Governor Calls for “Doing Away with Our Reliance on Standardized Testing”

Tennessee School Leaders Seek Repeal of Third Grade Test Retention Law

Texas Another Lone Star State Test-Score “Miracle”

Vermont Smarter Balanced Assessment Being Replaced as State Testing System

Virginia The Political Hysteria Over Low Test Scores

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