Assessment Reform News: October 11-18, 2022

Later this month, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on two lawsuits seeking to bar race conscious admissions policies. To learn more about these cases’ background and likely implications for testing, access, equity and related concerns in both higher education and public schools, you access a recording of a FairTest, ACCEPT, ACCIS and NACAC webinar titled “Preparing for a Supreme Court Decision on Race Conscious Admissions” originally held on Tuesday afternoon October 18 at 3pm eastern:

NationalWhat College Admissions Testing Reforms Should Tell Us About K-12 Assessment Policy

District Claims to Slash Testing Time

Super Says Future of Education Is Not Standardized Testing

New York
Including Test Scores in New High School Admissions Rules Will Slow Diversity Gains

Third Grade Reading Promotion Test Law Should Be Repealed

School Board Removes ACT Requirement for Determining Academic Honors Eligibility

New Governor Will Determine Future of School Testing and Other Educational Policies

Rhode Island
Timing of Test Score Release Roils Governors Race

State Dropping Smarter, Balanced Tests for Assessments Claimed to Be “More Equitable”

One-Third of District High School Seniors Opt Out of Standardized Tests

Undergraduate Admission ACT/SAT Scores and Number of Test-Takers Both Fall
Undergraduate Admission ACT Score Decline Analysis — Lost Learners, Not Learning Loss
Undergraduate Admission University of Vermont Extends ACT/SAT-Optional Policy Through 2026

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